FAIRA is a small but influential organisation operating at the national and international levels. Our office is based in Brisbane but we have connections in many parts of Australia and throughout the world.

Over time we have achieved many significant advances to benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Our name is not widely advertised but we are always prepared to get involved where it is important to our Peoples, and our record of achievements is significant.

FAIRA remains completely independent from government control but we are prepared, where it is in our interests, to engage with governments and to participate in dialogue and take actions to benefit our Peoples. However FAIRA does not allow government to exercise control or to set boundaries inconsistent with our rights to self-determination..

FAIRA may from time to time receive grants from government but is aware that conservative governments from time to time try to manipulate our operations or even to stop our work as a human rights advocacy group. For this reason FAIRA relies upon public donations and goodwill from benevolent organisations to maintain effectiveness as a change organisation which benefits the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of Australia.

Please view our website to understand our work and achievements. Importantly try to contribute where you can to make FAIRA as strong as possible in the work that we undertake. Your support will make a difference, and we hope to show you the results that we are able to achieve.

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